Should I Get a Hot Tub With a Lounger?

One of the biggest decisions to make when purchasing a hot tub is whether to get a lounger or not! At HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2, we carry a wide variety of tubs both with and without loungers, so there’s something for everyone. The bottom line is that it really is personal preference. Some … Read More

Below, Above, and Beyond the Water

At surface value, hot tubs are just a recreational addition to your home. However, if you do your research you’ll learn that they are so much more than that. Go ahead: google “benefits of a hot tub”. You’ll find more benefits than you ever could have imagined! It all boils down to the fact that … Read More

ACE Salt Water System Pros vs Cons

We’ll come out and say it: The ACE Saltwater System is life-changing for hot tub owners. How can we be so bold? Instead of a sales pitch, let’s be real. When your hot tub is easy to maintain and its water provides the most it can, you’ll want to use it every day. Just to … Read More

Hot Tub Plumbing

Customer Question: Do I need to run plumbing and water before hot tub install? Answer: No. Unlike hot tubs in the past, all lines of HotSpring spas are completely self-contained. Meaning, the pumps and jets are all located within the cabinet of the hot tub. The delivery and installation team will end up filling your … Read More

What is a Breaker Box?

If you have already started your hot tub purchase and delivery process, you probably know that delivery involves a certified electrician. This professional is needed to install 1-2 breaker boxes (aka “disconnect” or “subpanel”) and a conduit. The breaker box stops electricity to a tub in case of emergencies.  The #1 reason for hot tub … Read More

Why a Hot Spring Highlife NXT?

Many people wonder what distinguishes a Hot Spring Spas Highlife NXT hot tub from other spas. The Highlife NXT Collection is the highest tier of hot tubs made by Hot Spring Spas and it shows through their variety of luxurious features. This collection is truly the BMW of hot tubs because, believe it or not, … Read More

How to Maintain Your Hot Tub

Maintaining your hot tub is simple and important when it comes to keeping a clean and enjoyable backyard getaway. When maintaining your hot tub, one of the most important tasks is checking and balancing your water chemistry to ensure your water is balanced and within the ranges that are recommended. Having safe and comfortable water … Read More

Jets 101

“Above ground hot tubs and spas generally feature anywhere from 20 to 100 jets, all targeted to certain muscle groups to help you emerge from your hot tub feeling your best. When you’re looking at models, look for powerful, patented jets that will provide the type of massage you need in the areas where you … Read More

Silent Flow 5,000

The Silentflo 5,000 is a circulation pump made for our HotSpring hot tubs. This specific circulation pump that is standard for our HotSpring Highlife and Limelight series hot tubs. As for our other hot tubs, we are able to add a Silent Flo 5,000 to a HotSpring Spa SX and TX. This pump is a … Read More

Outdoor Hot Tubs 101

Let’s start here, some of you may be wondering if an outdoor hot tub is a good idea in North Dakota or Minnesota when it is the dead of winter and 30 degrees below 0. The answer is yes, of course it is a good idea. Having a HotSpring Spa in our region makes perfect … Read More