How much room do I need for my pool table?

Obviously, you can’t simply put a pool table wherever it fits. A significant amount of space is required around all sides of the pool table so that you can properly extend your cue! When looking at exactly how much space you’ll need, we found these handy dimensions from Brunswick Billiards. These dimensions are based on … Read More

Trading in Your Hot Tub

Just like a car, you can trade in your old hot tub when getting a new one! Today we’re going to answer some common questions about trading in your tub:  When should I trade in my tub? There are many reasons to trade in your hot tub! Most of our customers decide to trade in … Read More

Four Fun Hot Tub Features

Hot tubs today aren’t your parent’s hot tubs! As the world of technology has advanced, so have Hot Spring Spas. Today, we’ll be sharing four fun technology features that you can add to or purchase with your hot tub. Warning: you’re going to want them all! HD Wireless Monitor Do you want to watch the … Read More

5 Fun Game Room Decor Ideas

After you purchase a gorgeous new pool table, shuffleboard, bubble hockey or air hockey table, ping pong table, or dart board, what comes next? Your game room has its main element, but it needs more. Have no fear! Your friends at HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 are here to help. We’ve compiled a list … Read More