Introducing FreshWater Salt System!

We are so excited to introduce Hot Spring Spas’ new FreshWater Salt System! This new system is available for 2019 Limelight and Highlife collection spas, which we now have in our showrooms. The new system makes water care more effortless than ever before, and we know you’ll love it! According to Hot Spring Spas, “This … Read More

Buyers Beware: Spa Expo

We recently saw an ad in the newspaper for a traveling spa expo that is coming to the Fargodome. You can view the ad here: Because we care about our customers, we decided to look into this expo and its credibility. What we found was a few vague, sketchy claims and very little information. Here’s … Read More

Tips for Buying a Used Hot Tub

Recently, Valley News Live did a story about a customer that got scammed when purchasing a used hot tub at Tubs of Fun in Fargo. Because of this, we would like to give you some helpful tips on what to consider and look for when purchasing a used spa! Never buy a pre-owned spa from … Read More

What’s In Store for Pool School 2019

Pool School is already next week! This customer appreciation event is always very popular with our customers and we can’t wait to tell you what’s in store for Pool School 2019: You’ll get the best deals on chemicals of the year. We will be offering the biggest discounts of the year on all chemicals and … Read More

Why We Love Tropitone

We’ve heard it before: Why is your patio furniture priced higher than big box stores? What makes it special? To answer shortly, a lot of things make Tropitone outdoor furniture special. In this blog post, we want to outline a few reasons why it’s definitely worth the splurge: It’s made to last. One of the best … Read More