Should I Get a Hot Tub With a Lounger?

One of the biggest decisions to make when purchasing a hot tub is whether to get a lounger or not! At HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2, we carry a wide variety of tubs both with and without loungers, so there’s something for everyone. The bottom line is that it really is personal preference. Some … Read More

Top 3 Game Room Additions

If you purchase a game table, we’re sure you want to get the most use and fun out of it as possible. We’re here to help with that! Today we’re sharing our top three game room additions that will help you maximize your space. Check them out: Shuffleboard Electronic Scoreboard Our electronic scoreboards are not … Read More

How much room do I need for my pool table?

Obviously, you can’t simply put a pool table wherever it fits. A significant amount of space is required around all sides of the pool table so that you can properly extend your cue! When looking at exactly how much space you’ll need, we found these handy dimensions from Brunswick Billiards. These dimensions are based on … Read More

Customizing Your Outdoor Furniture

Tropitone outdoor furniture is comfortable, high quality, convenient, and so much more. On top of that, they are also incredibly aesthetically pleasing and customizable! No matter the design or color scheme of your outdoor space, Tropitone has what you’re looking for. Let’s go over a few ways you can customize your furniture! Shape Are you … Read More