Customizing Your Outdoor Furniture

Tropitone outdoor furniture is comfortable, high quality, convenient, and so much more. On top of that, they are also incredibly aesthetically pleasing and customizable! No matter the design or color scheme of your outdoor space, Tropitone has what you’re looking for. Let’s go over a few ways you can customize your furniture!


Are you looking for a sectional? Something big and comfy? Or maybe something sleek and modern? Whatever it is, Tropitone has it! From loungers to sectionals to dining room chairs, you have options to choose from.

Weave or Metal?

After you decide what type and shape of furniture you want, your next choice will be weather or not you want weave or metal patio furniture. Once you choose between the two, there are a variety of color options in each category. Tropitone offers 19 different metal frame finishes for their outdoor furniture. Some of metallic, some are textured, and some are just a regular smooth finish. They even have three different shades of cream/white! To check out the swatch options for the metal finishes, click here.

As far as weave colors, there are 12 options to choose from. They have different patterns so that you can get the look you’re desiring, whether than be rattan or wicker. To check out the color and weave options, click here.


When it comes to your options for Tropitone furniture fabrics, you will be blown away by your options. They have solid colors, floral or geometric patterns, textured fabrics, and pretty much anything else you could think of… in nearly every color of the rainbow! You could even mix and match by choosing a solid fabric for your sectional and a patterned fabric for your two chairs. The options are endless and you can check out the 400+ cushion fabric swatches by clicking here and 400+ padded sling fabrics by clicking here.


When you purchase Tropitone furniture, your Sales Pro can go over pillow options with you. Pillows are amazing for taking a good nap in the sun. We have tons of options to match whichever fabric color you choose!

Between these four aspects, the customization options for Tropitone furniture are truly endless. Stop into one of our showrooms before the summer so we can get yours ordered and ready to enjoy!