Winterizing Your Splash Pool

  With cold weather approaching it is time to start thinking about getting your Splash Pool ready for winter storage. The great news is that this is a fairly simple task. Following these simple steps will help to make sure you are ready to go ASAP in the spring. Clean & Balance Clean your pool … Read More

Top 7 SplashPool Questions Answered

It’s no secret: We love Splash SuperPools! Today we’re here to answer the top questions we get about this amazing product: What do I put my SplashPool on? Basically, you can put your SplashPool on any flat, level surface that is free of debris. Some people set their pools up on concrete or grass. Many … Read More

Above-Ground Pools: Big Box Stores vs Specialty Stores

If you’re in the market for an above-ground pool, you know that there’s a lot of options. It can be hard to decipher what’s best for you, your family, and your wallet. Big box stores such as Walmart and Home Depot offer extremely low prices, but at what cost? We’re here to tell you the … Read More

How Your Pool’s Water Stays Clean

Believe it or not, your chlorine pool has not one, but six means of keeping its water clean. The first two methods involve filters. Whereas, the next four are readily-available chemicals. Your pools first defense with staying clean is its skimmer basket. This plastic basket has woven walls and sits inside of your pool’s skimmer; … Read More

“Stabilization” for Pools Explained

Keeping your pool water sanitized is #1 on the list for maintaining a clean and safe pool. Not too far behind or maybe neck and neck on the list with keeping your pool sanitized with chlorine is stabilizing your water. To make this as simple as possible, when our pools are open and in use, … Read More

Which Pool Chemicals Do I Need?

“What chemicals should I add to my pool?” you may ask. There are many different types of chemicals and chemical systems you could add to your pool. When choosing a chemical system, it is important that all of the chemicals are keeping your pool clean, balanced, and comfortable for summer! Regardless of the types of … Read More

Chlorine and SoftSwim 3 Step Maitenance

Water chemistry for your pool is as easy as ABC – 1, 2, 3. SoftSwim is a non-chlorinated three-step pool chemical system. ABC SoftSwim A – Algaecide Applying SoftSwim A weekly or every two weeks will prevent algae growth. SoftSwim B – Sanitizer Also known as biguanide, SoftSwim B can be used every two weeks … Read More

How to Maintain a Swimming Pool

Having a pool during the summer months can be the perfect backyard getaway and party spot with friends and family. With any pool, keeping the water clear and safe requires regular maintenance and attention. Keep Water Balanced Having correctly balanced water in your pool is essential to keeping your water safe, clean, and clear. To … Read More

Sand vs Glass Pool Filters

Sand: Filter sand has always been the go to filter for quite some time. It gets the job done when it comes to filtering your pool. The most common type of sand is 20-grade silica sand, meaning this type of sand can filter particles as small as 20 microns. Sand has jagged edges that are … Read More

Common Salt Water Pool Questions

How much salt is added to a saltwater pool? Of course, the size of your pool will determine how much salt you will be adding. However, the ideal range for your salt concentration in a pool is around 2,700-3,200 ppm. Do I add the entire recommended amount of salt into my pool at one time? … Read More