Common Salt Water Pool Questions

How much salt is added to a saltwater pool?

Of course, the size of your pool will determine how much salt you will be adding. However, the ideal range for your salt concentration in a pool is around 2,700-3,200 ppm.

Do I add the entire recommended amount of salt into my pool at one time?

No, add the first half into your pool and let it dissolve and circulate. Then test your salt levels to determine how much salt you still need to add. It is important to take the salt adding process slowly, we can always add salt however, once it is in the water we cannot take it away.

Where do I add the salt?

You will add the salt directly to your pool, where it will quickly be dissolved, and then circulated, filtered, and converted into chlorine.

Will I be able to taste the salt in my pool?

Seawater contains about 31,000 to 38,000 ppm and as some of us have experienced, that is pretty salty. When comparing those numbers to our recommended 2,700 to 3,200 ppm, the salt concentration in your pool will not be high enough to taste.

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