An Introduction to Freshwater Salt Hot Tubs

Today we will be providing you with an introduction to Freshwater Salt Hot Tubs. This will include a brief overview of the process of filling, chemicals and how to get that first fill feeling great!


The freshwater hot tub salt system is one of our most popular options for keeping your hot tub clean and clear. The system contains a few more steps when first balancing your water chemistry, but lucky for you we offer water testing at both our showroom and service center.


This water testing allows you to properly manage your water chemistry. This allows for more accurate chemical use and lower overall cost due to proper knowledge and management of your water.


As Madie explained in our video below. We recommend that you fill the hot tub with our prescreen filter. This will remove most of your heavy metal content and organic materials. Allowing you to start from a clean slate.


Following the filtration of your water, if you do not have a soft water source, we recommend a very special pillow called the “Vanishing Act.” This pillow will remove calcium hardness from your water.


We then add the initial spa salt, which will condition your Freshwater salt hot tub for the first time. There is only the need of this addition of salt the first time you set up your hot tub, after this, the salt cartridge will take over and produce chlorine for your pool.


There may still be a need for a granular chlorine product to balance your sanitation, but for the most part, the salt cartridge will do the trick.


It is also recommended that weekly you use a spa oxidizer. This is a non-chlorine shock that will keep your water clean, crisp, and clear.


Phosphate remover is also another piece of this chemical line. This will help remove any phosphates from your water that may occur over time. Phosphates are another topic wholly, and this will be covered in another video.


It is very important that you clean your filters, for this, we have a specific filter soak designed for the salt system, this soak will strip all residual oils and particles from the filter and will help garner an easier overall experience if done on a regular basis. Filters are important!


To check your progress and your system the freshwater salt system also has its own test strips, so you know for sure that your water is balanced and ready for that first initial soak, and that lovely ahhhhhhh….. So go ahead, “Make Every day Better.”

If you do prefer a Chlorine System, this Basic Chlorine Care video may be for you!



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