Stabilizing your pool water.

Keeping your pool water sanitized is the number one thing on the list for maintaining a clean and safe pool. Our secondary objective after sanitizing with chlorine is stabilizing our water.

Chlorine is naturally a gas, so when our pool is left open on a hot sunny day, we lose a portion of our chlorine concentration.

Naturally, water does not have a stabilizer in it, so, we must add a stabilizer ourselves. When we add stabilizer, we add cyanuric acid which ensures our water can withstand the UV effects of the sun.stabilizing your water

Proper concentration levels for a stabilizer for any size of the pool are between 60-200ppm. It is our recommendation that your stabilizer levels sit somewhere in the middle of this overall range. This will allow for your chlorine concentration to be maintained and will protect your water from losing chlorine and sanitizing power in the sun and over time.

If you notice declining chlorine levels your stabilizer could be the culprit. This is the first thing to check. This is a simple fix and by raising your stabilizer concentration you can gain some peace of mind about the sanitation of your pool.

By maintaining stabilization, you are also maintaining sanitation. The two chemicals work hand in hand. If you want your pool water to shimmer, shine and be fine all the time. A proper level of stabilization is needed.

Come visit our showroom with a water sample if you need any assistance with this balancing act.

For our video about the chemicals and process of chlorine care check out this video: Basic Chlorine Care

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