Why the Manufacturer’s Warranty is Important

A “manufacturer” is the maker of a product. A manufacturer sells their product to a dealer. The dealer then puts the product on display in their showroom and sells it to a customer. The Manufacturer’s Warranty is a promise the manufacturer makes to say that if certain things or anything goes wrong with the product … Read More

Hard Side vs Soft Side Pools

On a beating hot summer day, nothing sounds as delightful as a refreshing splash in a pool. In our experience at HotSpring Spas and Pool Tables 2, the popularity of above ground pools (soft-sided and hard-sided) has grown tremendously due to the affordability and the perceived ease of set-up. To help you decide which kind … Read More

Dolcevita Playa

The DolceVita Playa was first popularized in Europe as the missing link between hot tubs and swimming pools. The Playa is seen as both a plunge pool and a piece of modern furniture as it serves both wellness and lifestyle purposes. They come in three sizes from 7.2’ x 7.2’ to 7.2 x 13.8’. What … Read More

Shuffleboard Tables 101

Size Shuffleboards come in a number of playing field (part of the table top you actually use) lengths: 9’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’, and 22′ feet long. Official tournament tables are 22’ in length. The table is 3’ tall and the playing field is between 16-20” varying with length of playing field. Materials A … Read More

Warning: Before You Buy a “Jacuzzi Salt Water Hot Tub”

  Education and transparency are the cornerstones of a trustworthy business. We credit this to us being in business for 40 years and having the #1 brand and in saltwater hot tubs (Ace Salt Water System). Unfortunately, some of our competitors have no problem with falsely advertising sub-par salt water systems and giving misleading sales … Read More

The Real Price of a Hot Tub

The #1 mistake customers make when buying a hot tub is buying it on price vs cost. It’s easy to look at two price tags and use basic math skills to figure out which price is higher. However, when it comes to hot tubs, the initial cost on the price tag is a far cry … Read More

Debunking Saltwater System Myths

While saltwater systems have been in pools for decades, there was never a saltwater system that was truly optimized for hot tubs until recently. When shopping online or in-store these days, the information available about hot tub salt water systems can be misleading. Luckily, we’re going to dissect and debunk some saltwater system myths to … Read More

Chlorine vs Bromine

Both chlorine and bromine are used to help keep pool and hot tub water clean by killing bacteria. But the big question is “Which one should I use?” While only you can decide, we’ll give you an overview of each. Chlorine How It Works: Chlorine for hot tubs comes in powder form (sodium dichlor). Chlorine … Read More

8 Common Salt Water Hot Tub Questions Answered

1. Will the water smell like the ocean? The ocean smells like salt, fish, and seashells and contains much more salt than our hot tubs. For every 1,000,000 molecules of water in the ocean, there are 35,000 molecules of salt, which means there’s 35,000ppm (parts per million). At HotSprings, our saltwater hot tubs use efficient … Read More