Warning: Before You Buy a “Jacuzzi Salt Water Hot Tub”


Education and transparency are the cornerstones of a trustworthy business. We credit this to us being in business for 40 years and having the #1 brand and in saltwater hot tubs (Ace Salt Water System). Unfortunately, some of our competitors have no problem with falsely advertising sub-par salt water systems and giving misleading sales pitches. Most of our competitors will avoid salt water systems as it voids their hot tub manufacturer’s warranty. Sadly, this is not the case with a local competitor selling Jacuzzi hot tubs. Unbelievably, they are promoting the ChlorMaker (an aftermarket salt water system) as part of a “Jacuzzi Salt Water Hot Tub” despite ChlorMaker voiding Jacuzzi’s manufacturer’s warranty. The false advertising states, “Don’t be fooled! ‘The Jacuzzi Salt Water Tub’ is the Only One.” The proof:

1.      We called Jacuzzi at 1-800-234-7727 and asked them about putting a salt system on the Jacuzzi Tub and they said it voids the warranty, ‘not to do it.’ We would ask that you call the Jacuzzi 800 number and as for yourself. The call is free.

2.    We emailed Jacuzzi. This was their response:

jacuzzi-email-snip3.       We shopped the local Jacuzzi dealer and found out what they are advertising NOT a ‘Jacuzzi Brand’ salt water system. Instead, they are placing a ‘ChlorMaker aftermarket salt system with a Jacuzzi brand hot tub and calling it a “Jacuzzi salt water hot tub”. So, we bought a ChlorMaker from Amazon for $219. Here is what we found out from that purchase:

  • Page ‘1’ is full of “Warnings” and “Cautions”.
  •      If you read close you will see that the power supply is not meant for temperatures below 32 degrees (sounds great for North Dakota):chlormaker-manual-1
  •       You should not have the salt cell in the water while bathing:chlormaker-manual-2
  •      When you take the salt cell out of the tub, it says do not handle it with bare hands.chlormaker-manual-3a
  •      Like a pool salt system it uses copper plated electrodes, which produces only chlorine and bromine. Whereas, the Ace’s diamond plated electrodes which produces 5 natural cleaners.chlormaker-manual-3
  •        Like a pool salt system it requires more salt than that of the ACE Salt Water System.
  •       Read the Jacuzzi web-site under water care: There is a full page under ‘Salt Water’ as it down plays salt water systems. Doesn’t sound like a company that offers Salt Water hot tubs.
  •      According to their manual, the ChlorMaker requires the salt level to be 1,750 PPM with calcium hardness at 200-400 PPM. Just a note: We require only 1,200 PPM of salt and 50 PPM for calcium hardness.
  •         Read the Jacuzzi product catalog, especially the ‘Water Care’ page. Not one mention of Salt Water (Vs. the HotSpring Catalog where there is an entire page devoted the ACE Salt Water).
  •        Please reach out to a Jacuzzi dealer near you and ask them directly about the ‘Jacuzzi Salt Water Hot Tub’.


For our saltwater system, check out this video: An Introduction to Freshwater Salt Hot Tubs

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