All About Servicing

Here at HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2, we have a service department with service technicians that are very knowledgeable in the industry. Given we sell many different products from pools to hot tubs to saunas to pool tables, we are able to service a wide variety of products you may have. For most servicing … Read More

“Stabilization” for Pools Explained

Keeping your pool water sanitized is #1 on the list for maintaining a clean and safe pool. Not too far behind or maybe neck and neck on the list with keeping your pool sanitized with chlorine is stabilizing your water. To make this as simple as possible, when our pools are open and in use, … Read More

What Should I Put My Hot Tub On?

When it comes to planning where you’re going to put your hot tub and the kind of structure or base it will be placed on, you have quite a few different choices. Being that there are so many options, the most important thing to keep in mind is, making sure you have a structurally sound … Read More

All About the HotSpring Hot Tub Wireless Remote

The HotSpring wireless remote control panel is a new form of technology bringing a whole new meaning to hot tubbing. The wireless remote control panel features a LCD touchscreen with colorful features used to operate all of your hot tubs functions. It works with wireless communication to your control system, and has wireless charging. The … Read More

FAQ Hot Tub Basics

How and Where Do I Add Chemicals to My Hot Tub? Always take your cover off and turn all of your jets on before adding chemicals. You can add your chemicals into the filter compartment or straight into the main body of water, there really is no difference. Can I Add All of My Chemicals … Read More

Insulation in a HotSpring Hot Tub

Let’s talk insulation in a HotSpring hot tub. As I’m sure we all know, a hot tub has very hot water in it. Therefore, having insulation is very important when it comes to keeping the heat in and keeping other things out. Having a well insulated hot tub is essential for the best ownership experience. … Read More

NXT Base Pan and Substructure 101

Base Pan For starters, our base pans do not touch the ground/floor -only the feet do. This way there is little to no heat transfer to the floor or if your hot tub is outside, the cold ground doesn’t cool off the tub. Instead, the tub’s heat rises back up to and around the tub. … Read More

HotSpot Electrical Requirements

These few steps, with the help of a licensed electrician, will ensure you are ready for your hot tub on the day of delivery. Here are the specific requirements to hookup a HotSpring HotSpot spa: 1. Locate the electrical panel in your home. This is where the power for the spa will be wired from. … Read More

Hot Tub Filter Basics

Filters are a hot tub’s best friend; your hot tub would be nothing without them. Therefore, having reliable and clean filters is essential for your working hot tub. Here at HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2, we carry two different types of filters: paper and ceramic. Paper is the most commonly used. They have hundreds … Read More

Hot Tub Covers 101

When it comes to hot tub covers, there are varying options that depend on the level of convenience you desire! Truthfully, all Hot Spring Spas hot tub covers are great and you really can’t go wrong. Essentially there are three options for hot tub covers: a standard cover, a cover with a cover lifter, and … Read More