Meaning of HotSpring Green and Blue Lights

  1. What do the green and blue lights on the logo mean?

They are indicator lights.

A GREEN light stands for filtration in the salt system. As long as it’s glowing solid, the filtration is running.

The BLUE light is for the heater. As long as it’s solid the water is staying heated.

  1. What does the shape of the lights represent?

hotspring blue and green light

The HotSpring logo on the front of your hot tub with the blue and green lights are your indicator lights. Think of it as your hot tubs way of communicating with you and indicating what is going on.

The top light is GREEN, which indicates when the hot tub is ready temperature wise and within 2 degrees of the set temperature. When the temperature of your hot tub changes outside of your range, the light will turn off. When the green light is flashing, this may indicate there is a problem within the temperature sensor.

If you have an ACE salt water system hot tub your top green light will also indicate filtration within your salt system and your salt levels. When the light is blinking, it could mean a few different things relating to your salt system. The blinking green light could mean low salt, meaning you need to add more salt or the complete opposite, you have added too much salt. Another reason your green light could be blinking is because your salt cell is not receiving enough flow or is having a hard time functioning to its full potential. Should your green light be blinking, disconnect power for at least 30 seconds and then reconnect power. If the light is still blinking call for service.

The bottom BLUE light is an indicator for the power to the hot tub. If your blue light is on, this means your hot tub is properly supplied with power. This blue light also provides an indicator for your heater. If your heater high limit has tripped, this could mean the water in the hot tub is hotter than the acceptable temperature range or low flow and circulation, meaning your filters are clogged. Should your blue light be blinking, it typically means your high-heater thermostat tripped. In this case, we suggest disconnecting power for at least 30 seconds to reset a higher heat limit. Should this not work, checked for clogged filters. If the problem continues call for service. When your blue light is off, this could mean there is a problem with the hot tub control box or the power that is being supplied to the hot tub.

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***Note: This style of indicator light is on Hot Spring Spas models from 2009 to 2017***

*** If your hot tub is 2018 or newer please see blog post “Hot Spring Spas Logo Light Guide”.***

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