Hot Spring Spas Logo Light Guide

In 2018, the Highlife, Highlife NXT, and Limelight Collections of hot tubs got new logo lights! These lights look just like branding on the tub, but they actually are super helpful tools and can indicate a lot about the status of your spa. This blog post is a quick and easy guide to understanding what each of these colors on the logo light means.

Status Indicator

First, let’s talk about the light on the left side of the logo. This is called the “status indicator”. This light will either be green, yellow, or red. 

A GREEN light indicates that everything is good to go. The spa is not detecting any issues that you should be concerned about.

A YELLOW light means that the spa requires attention. There could be a few different reasons that the yellow light may come on, but the most common issue has to do with the ACE Saltwater System. To begin to troubleshoot this issue, we suggest that you check if your ACE Saltwater output needs to be confirmed (watch this YouTube video to learn how) or clean your filters. If this doesn’t seem to be the problem, you may need to call for service.

A FLASHING RED light means that there is an issue with the spa that needs immediate attention. If your red light ever goes on, you almost always need to call to get service done on your hot tub. It is likely not an issue that you can fix on your own.

Ready Indicator

Now we’re going to start talking about the lights in the logo itself. The top swirl in the logo is called the “Ready indicator”. This light indicates that the spa is within two degrees of the set temperature.

If your spa is within two degrees of your set temperature, this light should be GREEN. If you just changed your temperature, the light may be off but this does not mean there is something wrong with the spa; it just means that the spa is adjusting to the new temperature. So, for example, if you’ve had the spa set to 100 degrees for a few days but then switch it to 104 degrees, the light will turn off and then turn back on once it reaches 102 degrees, which is 2 degrees from the temperature you set it to.

If this top light ever turns RED, this means that a problem may be occurring with the temperature sensor and you will likely need to call for service.

Power Indicator

Lastly, the bottom swirl in the logo is called the “Power indicator”.

When the Power indicator is BLUE, that means that power is being properly supplied to your tub.

When the power indicator is FLASHING RED, this means that the heater high limit has tripped. This means that the tub could be above its temperature limit or that the filters are clogged. The red flashing lights usually means that you’ll need to call for service.

Lastly, if the power indicator is OFF, that means that no power is being supplied to your tub and you need to call for service right away.

We hope this quick and easy guide to the light indicators on your spa is helpful! If you prefer a video of this information please click here. If you ever have further questions, always feel free to give us a call.


***If your Hot Spring Spa was made before 2018 please reference the article “Meaning of Green and Blue Lights”.

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