FAQ Hot Tub Basics

If you’re a hot tub beginner, we have gathered some basic questions to get you on your way to being a hot tub pro! Enjoy our Hot tub basics!

How and Where Do I Add Chemicals to My Hot Tub?

Always take your cover off and turn all your jets on before adding chemicals. You can add your chemicals into the filter compartment or straight into the main body of water, there really is no difference.

Can I Add All of My Chemicals into My Hot Tub at One Time?

No, you should be adding your chemicals one at a time and about 15 minutes apart. Keep in mind that there are a few chemicals that may have you wait longer periods of time between adding chemicals, the directions will be printed out on your water test.hot tub basics

How Do I Add Water to My Hot Tub?

Your hot tub’s water will slowly evaporate over time or get splashed out with use. When you are topping off your hot tub, you can put the hose directly into the hot tub and fill as needed.

How Do I Drain and Refill My Hot Tub?

You can drain your hot tub by unscrewing the drain plugs on the front side of your hot tub towards the base. Draining your hot tub by using the drain plugs will take some time, in the showroom, we plug in a sump pump and hose for a quicker drain.

When refilling your hot tub after all of the water has been drained, locate the standpipe in your filter compartment and fill your hot tub through there. By putting the hose with running water through the standpipe when fully refilling your hot tub, it will allow the water to fill the pipes and jets first while preventing an air lock.

Can I Drain My Hot Tub Water Onto My Grass?

Yes, you can. Draining your hot tub water (chlorine, bromine, or salt) onto your grass is safe and will not harm the grass or surrounding areas.

When Can I Start Adding Chemicals After I Fully Drain and Refill My Hot Tub?

Some of the chemicals you will be adding to your hot tub are liquid and some are granules. The liquids you can add right away if desired, or you can wait and add them along with the granule chemicals after the hot tub reaches temp (90 degrees or warmer).

How Often Should I Clean My Filters?

You should be cleaning your filters every 30 days with a filter degreaser to break down the contaminants on your filters. For more information on filters and cleaning them click here.

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