What Should I Put My Hot Tub On?

Hot Tub on Slab Concrete

Hot Tub Support Structures

When planning the permanent home for your new hot tub, there are a few different options available for the structure on which it resides. Our two main concerns for the surface are its level and structurally sound.

There are many options available for your hot tub platform. There are easy options available that take very little modification of your current environment such as hot tub base pads generally sold at a hardware store or even brick pavers. If you are looking for a more landscaped option, you could consider a deck or a poured slab. All are sufficient options, but the decision comes down to what works and what is right for the homeowner.

Leveling is the largest priority when installing a hot tub, If the tub is not level on the surface in which it is installed damage could occur. The main concern being the pipes and valves related to the operation of the hot tub and its jets. To avoid damage the structure that the hot tub sits on should be leveled by the owner or the installer of said structure. Also you’ll need to ensure that the structure can support the overall weight including water.

To know if your existing deck or soon-to-be-built deck can hold a hot tub, click here.

If you have any structural questions or thoughts, stop into one of our stores or give us a call! Just like there is a HotSpring Spa for everyone, there is the perfect hot tub base for everyone too!

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