Insulation in a HotSpring Hot Tub

Let’s talk insulation in a HotSpring hot tub. As I’m sure we all know, a hot tub has very hot water in it. Therefore, having insulation is very important when it comes to keeping the heat in and keeping other things out.

Having a well insulated hot tub is essential for the best ownership experience. I mean, can you really imagine buying a hot tub that isn’t insulated? Would you buy a house that isn’t insulated? I’d sure hope not.

Many other hot tub companies will argue that the reason they do not insulate their hot tubs or use very little insulation is because it is harder to repair the hot tub if there is a leak or problem. They say that, however insulating a hot tub is one of the most expensive parts of the building process for the manufacturer, so maybe that is why some companies avoid insulation.Image of insulation in hotspring hot tubs

Highlife & Highlife NXT Collection

The highlife and highlife NXT collection hot tub models are equipped with multiple layers of high-density closed cell polyurethane foam. What does this mean? Let’s break it down…

Closed Cell vs. Open Cell Insulation
Open cell can be compared to a sponge, sponges absorb water, when closed cell does not absorb water and is also known as “non-moisture insulation”. Now, that being said, I think you can guess why HotSpring spas has chosen to use closed cell insulation for all of these years.

To put it all together, closed cell polyurethane foam is a non-moisture insulation that is installed by layers. If you were to rip a piece of this foam off of the main block, it’s very light and cotton candy like. On the flip side, when adding an entire cabinets worth of polyurethane foam to a hot tub, it makes it very heavy. Can you imagine how much cotton candy it would take for it to actually be ‘heavy’? A lot, that is how well insulated your HotSpring spa would be.

Limelight and HotSpot Collection

The Limelight and HotSpot collection both use a FiberCor insulation that is four times more dense than the spray foam that is used on most spas. The FiberCor is installed to fit and fill the entire cabinet of the hot tub. After the cabinet is filled with FiberCor, the outside layer will be sprayed with a clear hardening seal for extra protection.