HotSpot Electrical Requirements

Are you getting a new HotSpot Spa? Do you know what you need? In this post, we’ll help you with the electrical requirements of your new hot tub.

These few steps, with the help of a licensed electrician, will ensure you are ready for your hot tub on the day of delivery.This is an image showing the HotSpring HotSpot

Here are the specific requirements to hookup a HotSpring HotSpot spa:

1. Locate the electrical panel in your home. This is where the power for the spa will be wired from.

2. This panel needs to have a non-GFCI 50 amp breaker.

3. A licensed electrician will then need to run 240-volt wiring to a 50 amp sub panel that will be mounted on the outside of the home. Your electrician will use a four-wire electrical service using (two-line voltage, one neutral, one ground) #6 AWG wire with the ground wire being #10 AWG.

4. The Sub-panel box, which has a 50 amp 220 voltage GFCI breaker, will be mounted no closer than 5 feet and no longer than 50 feet from the tub.

5. From this subpanel, your electrician will need to run the appropriate length of wire (using rigid conduit, flexible conduit, or SO wire/also referred to as “outdoor wire”) to either the front-center of the spa under the control panel or from the front corner depending on model to the center of the spa. Three extra feet should be reserved to ensure enough length to reach the motherboard of your new spa. The four wires coming off the 50 amp breaker are #8 AWG (two line voltage, one neutral, one ground). The wire the ground wire comes from the ground bar in the sub panel to the ground bar in the hot tub.

Now you’re ready for your hot tub to be delivered, filled, and have Every Day Made Better!

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