Who Is Olhausen?

When you buy an Olhausen Billiards table, you are buying quality and years of experience. Why? Because Olhausen Billiards is a family-owned business with a long, honest, and successful history. We surely are proud to carry this brand in our showrooms! Learn a little more on how this company became what it is today: Olhausen … Read More

Olhausen’s Lumber Selection

Having the right kind of wood for your pool table or shuffleboard is one of the most important parts of the buying process. You are going to want hardwood lumber that is able to withstand any kind of climate. Now, let’s talk about Olhausen and their lumber selection for their pool tables and shuffleboards. They … Read More

Olhausen Shuffleboard Basics

Olhausen Shuffleboard Construction Olhausen shuffleboards are very similar to their pool tables, in the way they are made, where they are made, and the products they use. Olhausen’s shuffleboard playing field is made out of solid American maple with a durable two part polymer playing surface. Olhausen shuffleboards also include a one of a kind … Read More

Olhausen Accufast Cushions

A pool table cushion is the rebounding pad which lines your pool table rail. Sometimes this needs to be replaced, Other times, experienced pool pros want to upgrade their cushion to one with greater rebound qualities. In the past, the K-66 cushion has been the standard in the industry. However, renowned billiards maker, Olhausen, has … Read More

Jets 101

“Above ground hot tubs and spas generally feature anywhere from 20 to 100 jets, all targeted to certain muscle groups to help you emerge from your hot tub feeling your best. When you’re looking at models, look for powerful, patented jets that will provide the type of massage you need in the areas where you … Read More

Silent Flow 5,000

The Silentflo 5,000 is a circulation pump made for our HotSpring hot tubs. This specific circulation pump that is standard for our HotSpring Highlife and Limelight series hot tubs. As for our other hot tubs, we are able to add a Silent Flo 5,000 to a HotSpring Spa SX and TX. This pump is a … Read More

Outdoor Hot Tubs 101

Let’s start here, some of you may be wondering if an outdoor hot tub is a good idea in North Dakota or Minnesota when it is the dead of winter and 30 degrees below 0. The answer is yes, of course it is a good idea. Having a HotSpring Spa in our region makes perfect … Read More

What’s the Biggest Hot Tub Maintenance Hassle?

The answer may surprise you: The Cover. Every time you use your hot tub, you have to take your hot tub cover on and off every single time. This can be a real life wrestling match. However, the right hot tub cover is like a garage door opener -easy, user-friendly, and practically effortless. And, it’s … Read More