Olhausen Accufast Cushions

A pool table cushion is the rebounding pad that lines your pool table rail. Sometimes this needs to be replaced, Other times, experienced pool Read about Accufast Pool Tablespros want to upgrade their cushion to one with greater rebound qualities. In the past, the K-66 cushion has been the standard in the industry. However, renowned billiards maker, Olhausen, has led the trend for making the best pool table cushions from 100% pure rubber. In fact, the highest of the five grades of pure gum rubber is the only grade that is good enough for Olhausen’s Accufast cushions.

Olhausen’s Accufast Cushions were designed in the early 1990s, using premium-quality rubber processed with propriety chemicals and pigments to produce a more consistent and accurate play. Another added staple to the one-of-a-kind Accufast Cushion is special “anti-reversion” chemicals. These anti-reversion chemicals prevent the tendency of rubber to revert to its natural soft state. In addition, due to all of the scientific advances behind rubber curing, Accufast cushions do not require canvas control fabric as many other brands do.

Everything – including the Olhausen 100% pure gum rubber, the special “anti-reversion”, proprietary chemicals, and overall build of the Olhausen Accufast cushion – make the Olhausen pool table Accu-Fast cushions a prime choice. To top it off, Accufast cushions are made in the U.S.A and have a lifetime warranty. What could be better?

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