Outdoor Hot Tubs 101

Let’s start here, some of you may be wondering if an outdoor hot tub is a good idea in North Dakota or Minnesota when it is the dead of winter and 30 degrees below 0. The answer is yes, of course, it is a good idea. Having a HotSpring Spa in our region makes perfect sense because our hot tubs are the most energy-efficient hot tub on the market and our hot tubs and covers are fully insulated, meaning the heat stays in and the cold stays out.

On that note, having an outdoor hot tub no matter what the season is, is always a good idea. It doesn’t matter if it is 30 below or 95 degrees, sitting in your hot tub enjoying the fresh air is what it is all about. hot tub outdoors

You might be wondering if you have to ‘prepare’ your outdoor hot tub for winter or change the temperature. The answer is no, you do not need to do or change anything on your hot tub to prepare for winter if you plan on using it. If you do not plan on using your hot tub during the winter months, we suggest you winterize your hot tub with RV antifreeze.

We have calculated the average cost of having a HotSpring hot tub inside and outside, the calculations for Fargo, North Dakota came out to an average of .08 cents per kilowatt-hour. These numbers are based on 102-degree water and used every day with 30 minutes of jet pumping operation. Keep in mind that these costs may vary depending on use, temperature, season, and location of the hot tub.

When it comes to finding a place for your hot tub outside, you can find more information about placing your hot tub on a deck here. Or if you are wondering what kind of base and level structure you should place your hot tub on, click here.

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