SilentFlo 5000

The Silentflo 5000 is a circulation pump made for our HotSpring hot tubs. This specific circulation pump is standard for our HotSpring Highlife and Limelight series hot tubs. As for our other hot tubs, we are able to add a SilentFlo 5000 to a HotSpring Spa SX and TX. This pump is a 24-hour circulation pump that provides you with a more energy-efficient hot tub while using less energy than a regular 40-watt light bulb.Silentflo 5000

Think about it, our cars use more energy when we turn them on and off than they do when they are just running. It’s the same with your hot tub, it’s easier and more energy-efficient for your hot tub to always be running at a slower speed and to then turn on the jets when it is already circulating than to have your hot tub be “off” and turn on your jets and have it work harder.

This circulation pump also provides less wear and tear on your pumps, heater, and overall machine of your hot tub because of the constant low power circulation at a slower rate than going on and off at higher power.

Another advantage of the Silentflo 5,000, is the overall noise of the hot tub. With the circulation pump is running 24/7, this makes the sound of the jets very soft and more quiet for wherever your hot tub may be. Hence the name, SilentFlo.

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