Tips for Navigating a Home & Garden Show

It’s home show season! We’ve gathered our best tips for a successful trip to your local home and garden show:  Research who is going to be there and who you want to visit. It’s best to know ahead of time which vendors are going to be at the home show and have an idea of … Read More

Trading in Your Hot Tub

Just like a car, you can trade in your old hot tub when getting a new one! Today we’re going to answer some common questions about trading in your tub:  When should I trade in my tub? There are many reasons to trade in your hot tub! Most of our customers decide to trade in … Read More

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Are you struggling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day date idea that will fit into your busy Thursday night schedule? It can be hard for parents of young children to get a babysitter and plan a special date night know they have to work the next day. If you are one of those couples that … Read More

3 Ways to Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience

Let’s face it: relaxing in a steamy hot tub is always a great time. However, there are a few ways, depending on your interests, to make your experience even better! We’ve rounded up three of our favorite ways to enhance our hot tub soaks: 1. Listen to an inspirational podcast. If you soak in the morning, … Read More