Trading in Your Hot Tub

Just like a car, you can trade in your old hot tub when getting a new one! Today we’re going to answer some common questions about trading in your tub: 

When should I trade in my tub?

There are many reasons to trade in your hot tub! Most of our customers decide to trade in their when the warranty is about to be up. There’s a lot to say about having the peace of mind that your hot tub is covered under warranty! Others trade in because the tub is old and they want to experience new hot tub technology. Much like cars, hot tubs are always coming out with new, convenient features. Lastly, many people trade in their old tubs for saltwater tubs. They are sick of the chlorine smell and maintenance, so they up for trading in!

How much will I get for my used hot tub?

You may be surprised by how much you get back for your Hot Spring Spas hot tub! They hold their value better than any hot tub manufacturer in the industry. Here at HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2, we give you the Blue Book value of your trade in tub toward a new tub. That’s the best deal for your used tub that you’re going to find! If you don’t have a Hot Spring Spas tub, we still take other brands of hot tubs. We’ll let you know what we can do and how much it’s worth!

What if my hot tub is damaged?

We handle used damaged tubs on a case by case basis. You’ll have to talk with someone at our service center.

When is my tub considered to be old?

This is a really difficult question to answer! Hot Spring Spas hot tubs usually last around 10 years, but many of them last much, much longer. We have customers with hot tubs that are over 30 years old! Your hot tub’s longevity really depends on a lot of different factors.

What if I want to buy a used/traded in tub?

We have over 100 used tubs in stock, so we certainly have what you’re looking for! Most of our used tubs come with a warranty and all of them are inspected for quality assurance. Stop into one of our showrooms to learn more about which used tub would be perfect for you!

We hope this answered some of your trade-in questions. If you’re looking to trade in your tub, stop into one of our showrooms!