3 Ways to Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience

hot tub ladyTry some new hot tub activities!

Let’s face it: relaxing in a steamy hot tub is always a great time. However, there are a few ways, depending on your interests, to make your experience even better! We’ve rounded up three of our favorite ways to enhance our hot tub soaks with these hot tub activities!

1. Listen to an inspirational podcast.

If you soak in the morning, a good inspirational or uplifting podcast can be a great way to start your day! Many of us at HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 love to listen to podcasts to learn new things, gain new perspectives, and sometimes get an extra boost of motivation. Listening to Podcasts or audiobooks is a great way to stay entertained while being in your hot tub, as it is difficult to bring your cellphone or a book into the water. If you have an iPhone, you can listen to podcasts through the podcast app or iTunes. Spotify has many podcasts as well! Just find a podcast that resonates with you, connect your phone to your spa via your Bluetooth speakers, close your eyes, and get inspired

2. Practice visualization.

Recently, we were talking to a representative at another hot tub dealership and she shared with us her practice of daily visualization. She explained that each morning during her hot tub soak, she visualizes her daily going perfectly. For example, you may visualize having a nice drive to work listening to your favorite songs, getting to work and being super productive, getting home and making a delicious meal for your kids, doing a rewarding workout, enjoying one of your favorite TV shows before bed, etc., etc. By doing this, you are practically calling the shots for how your day will go. It gets your mind in the right place, sets goals for the day, and gives you an extra boost of encouragement to be your best self. All while enjoying the relaxing jets of your spa!

3. Try hot tub yoga.

If you love yoga, you’ll really love hot tub yoga! The hot water allows your muscles to relax and provides a deeper stretch. You’re also able to sweat more, thus burning more calories. Basically any pose that you can do on land, you can do your hot tub! If you want to watch a few videos about some potential poses to try, HotTub Yoga has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to hot tub yoga poses and practices!

These are three of our favorite ways to be productive, positive, and happier while soaking in your hot tub! Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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