Does It Come with a Cover?

In short, yes! All new Hot Spring Spas hot tubs come with their own cover. They are made with a custom seal for a perfect fit, meaning that your heat bill will not go up due to heat escaping your hot tub. They are also made without a center metal beam so your seams will … Read More

Olhausen Vs. Brunswick Billiards

So you’ve decided: you’re getting a new pool table! At HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 we offer pool tables from two different companies, both with stellar products and quality: Olhausen Billiards and Brunswick Billiards. We’ve carried Olhausen pool tables for years but recently added Brunswick to our product offerings as of 2017. We enjoy … Read More

The Mayo Clinic on Saunas

Well, it’s more than just the Mayo Clinic toting saunas for improved cardiovascular health. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, a 21 year study by Dr. Jari Laukkanen with the University of Finland called the “Kuopio Ischarmic Heart Disease Study” shows a correlation between men who partook in frequent saunas had lowered … Read More

Himalaya Heater Facts

The Himalaya Sauna Heater is an advanced floor standing sauna stove that stands at 12″ by 15″ by 40.5″. It has BWT technology integrated with a water holder, which humidifies the room as it heats up the sauna.  This means as you lean back onto the bench, you’ll breath in a calming whiff of humid … Read More

Hot Tub Plumbing

Customer Question: Do I need to run plumbing and water before hot tub install? Answer: No. Unlike hot tubs in the past, all lines of HotSpring spas are completely self-contained. Meaning, the pumps and jets are all located within the cabinet of the hot tub. The delivery and installation team will end up filling your … Read More

What is a Breaker Box?

If you have already started your hot tub purchase and delivery process, you probably know that delivery involves a certified electrician. This professional is needed to install 1-2 breaker boxes (aka “disconnect” or “subpanel”) and a conduit. The breaker box stops electricity to a tub in case of emergencies.  The #1 reason for hot tub … Read More

Wicker VS Rattan Debunked!

What is the difference between wicker and rattan furniture? Many think of wicker as pretty woven furniture that eventually peels and feels like a dead pine tree. “Wicker” is often thought of as a material, but it’s actually a style of weaving. Professional weavers and manufacturers may use a number of natural or artificial materials … Read More