Himalaya Heater Facts

At Hotspring Spas and Pool Tables 2; We love everything that Finnleo does. We are here with Finn Sisu today talking about the amazing Himalaya heater!

himalayan heaterThe Himalaya Sauna Heater is an advanced floor-standing sauna stove that stands at 12″ by 15″ by 40.5″. It has BWT technology integrated with a water holder, which humidifies the room as it heats up the sauna.  This means as you lean back onto the bench, you’ll breathe in a calming whiff of humid air. Your skin will thank you double over as it feels open, replenished, and warmer more quickly as warm water increases the rate of heat transfer.Himalayan heater remote

The Himalaya Sauna Heater is integrated with Finnleo’s Trend Control. This gives you the most reliable heat sourcing and experience as you can control the temperature and duration of the heat cycle, utilize delayed start (between 1-10 hours), and adjust the lighting as wanted. To top this all off, it comes with 220 pounds of rocks and can heat up to 500 cubic feet.

We love this heater and you will too. It is a common misconception that the smaller the sauna the smaller the heater, but this bad boy in any sauna you own and you will surely feel the difference.