Can You Name Every Hot Tub Step Type?

What’s so special about a few steps? It may surprise you! There are four types of HotSpring Spa steps and all are unique. Let’s take a look: 1. NXT Steps If you have an NXT hot tub, we think you’ll love this series of steps! You’ll get a high-end experience with water-proof steps made of … Read More

Does It Come with a Cover?

In short, yes! All new Hot Spring Spas hot tubs come with their own cover. They are made with a custom seal for a perfect fit, meaning that your heat bill will not go up due to heat escaping your hot tub. They are also made without a center metal beam so your seams will … Read More

What’s the Biggest Hot Tub Maintenance Hassle?

The answer may surprise you: The Cover. Every time you use your hot tub, you have to take your hot tub cover on and off every single time. This can be a real life wrestling match. However, the right hot tub cover is like a garage door opener -easy, user-friendly, and practically effortless. And, it’s … Read More

Hot Tub Covers 101

When it comes to hot tub covers, there are varying options that depend on the level of convenience you desire! Truthfully, all Hot Spring Spas hot tub covers are great and you really can’t go wrong. Essentially there are three options for hot tub covers: a standard cover, a cover with a cover lifter, and … Read More