What is a Breaker Box?

If you have already started your hot tub purchase and delivery process, you probably know that delivery involves a certified electrician. This professional is needed to install 1-2 breaker boxes (aka “disconnect” or “subpanel”) and a conduit. The breaker box stops electricity to a tub in case of emergencies. 

The #1 reason for hot tub failure is the heating element shorting out, tripping the breaker, and thus causing the hot tub to completely shut down. Most hot tubs have only one breaker box but we use a two breaker system so your hot tub will keep running and circulating water even if the heater fails and trips the breaker. This is especially helpful when it’s cold out because water in motion will not freeze!

For a permanently connected hot tub such as any tub in the Hot Spring NXT Highlife, Highlife, or Limelight collection, you need a two breaker box system (aka “disconnect” or “subpanel”) equaling 50 amps and it must be Ground Fault Circuit Interruption (GFCI). GFCI is a must-have when doing anything electrical around water, such as a bathroom, kitchen or a hot tub.

If you ever call to have your hot tub serviced, you may be told to reset your breaker box. This is essentially the hot tub equivalent to restarting your phone or laptop when it isn’t functioning properly! You should know where your breaker box is and how to reset it in case this situation ever arrises. Conveniently, we made a short video about exactly how to reset your breaker box!

For further pre-delivery electrical needs, see our article “Hot Tub Electrical Set Up 101”.