The Mayo Clinic on Saunas

Dr. Jari Laukkanen from the Mayo Clinic provides us with some important data regarding sauna use. Preventative medicine is often overlooked, but the Mayo Clinic believes that the use of a sauna on a regular basis can prevent a wide range of medical issues that could affect you in the future. Take a gander at this fantastic video and start using a sauna today. Make Every Day Better!

It’s more than just the Mayo Clinic toting saunas for improved cardiovascular health.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, a 21-year study by Dr. Jari Laukkanen with the University of Finland called the “Kuopio Ischarmic Heart Disease Study” shows a correlation between men who partook in frequent saunas had lower risks of cardiovascular events.

Saunas actually raise your heart rate during use, if you think about the science behind this it’s quite easy. As our body’s temperature increases, its homeostasis systems make our bodies sweat. When our bodies sweat naturally air moves over our skin and are supposed to cool the skin transferring this cooling to the blood, it’s pretty much like the radiator in a car only the antifreeze is our blood and our sweat and skin are the fins on a radiator.

When you are in a sauna, the skin never cools, the blood never cools, but our body’s homeostasis system doesn’t slow down either. In response, we sweat more and our heart rate increases as the heart attempts to push the blood faster and faster through our veins to provide it more exposure to the skin, therefore, increasing heart rate. Free cardio!

This same study of 2,315 healthy male participants found that those who saunaed 4-7 times per week decreased their risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 65% and their risk of any form of dementia by 66% compared to those who saunaed only once per week!

Think about it, just by sitting in a sauna every other day you could decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s. Whoa! This is


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