Jets 101

“Above-ground hot tubs and spas generally feature anywhere from 20 to 100 jets, all targeted to certain muscle groups to help you emerge from your hot tub feeling your best. When you’re looking at models, look for powerful, patented jets that will provide the type of massage you need in the areas where you need it most. Also, look for targeted jet groups. Having more jets doesn’t always mean you’ll have the best spa. Often, having fewer jets in targeted groups will conserve energy and give a better, more focused massage.”

 jetsHotSpring Spas’ one-of-a-kind patented jets are designed to target certain areas and muscle groups while providing you with a relaxing experience.

In total HotSpring Spas has about 11 different kinds of jets that can be seen in a variety of different ways throughout all of their hot tubs. All of the jets are strategically placed through the hot tub to ensure the jets and their unique formations are targeting the important and needed areas.

All of the jets you will find in a HotSpring Spa are adjustable, each hot tub will have different settings to turn on and off your jets, and if they are on, you are able to adjust the intensity of the jets to your personal preference.

The one-of-a-kind HotSpring Spa Moto massage and Moto massage DX is something you will only see here, this is a vertical jet that is constantly moving. Many jets tend to work on one area of the body, releasing a constant force. With the Moto massage, you are getting a constant force throughout your entire back and not just one part of it. Depending on the type of Moto massage, there will be one or two powerful streams of water sweeping up and down your entire back at a constant speed.

Some may be under the impression that more jets are better. That isn’t always the case, if you are able to have fewer jets and receive the same, if not better massage while in your hot wouldn’t that be ideal? Having more jets doesn’t always mean the jets give you a better massage, it is all about the design, placement, and intensity of the jets.

The idea behind the one-of-a-kind jets at HotSpring Spas is to leave you with every day made better, so you feel better than when you got in. With the strategically placed jets, their design, and intensity, it is like having an in-home masseuse right at your fingertips!

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