Winterizing Your Splash Pool


fall leafs in splash pool before winterizing

With cold weather approaching it is time to start thinking about getting your Splash Pool ready for winter storage. The great news is that this is a fairly simple task. Following these simple steps will help to make sure you are ready to go ASAP in the spring. Here is our guide to winterizing your Splash Pool.

Clean & Balance

Clean your pool and make sure your water is balanced. The more balanced you get your pool water the more effectively the winterizing chemicals will work to keep your pool water stable. After you have balanced or double-checked that your water is ready for the winter it’s the perfect time to give your pool a good cleaning.

Time for Winter Water Care Products

The use of winterization chemicals will greatly improve the condition of your water when opening the pool in the spring. Stop into any of our showrooms to find the chemicals you will need. This step is not required, though you may find water turning ugly quickly when conditions become ideal for algae or other microorganisms to flourish and grow uninhibited. Closing your pool properly means an easier spring opening that can help save effort, time, and money!

Lower the Water

Drain the water below the Return Fitting, remove the Directional Fitting, and do not plug the Wall Fitting. This will help to maintain the low water throughout the winter.

Hardware Prep

Disconnect the Skimmer and remove it and all hoses from inside the pool. The Skimmer Wall Fitting will need to be plugged from inside the pool, and the Slice/Ball Valve should be opened to allow it to drain. (The valve can be removed, but must be free of water for the winter.) Any plumbing or valves that have been removed should be left open to allow for air circulation and evaporation so you don’t have any water left that could potentially cause damage to your devices.

If you have a cartridge filter removed and clean the cartridges. If you are using a sand pool filter you should run a backwash to clean out the filter sand and if necessary do a complete rinse of the sand.

You may want to use a shop vacuum to forcefully blow out the water that won’t empty from the plumbing, including the pump itself. All plumbing should be refastened after allowing the water to evaporate completely and anywhere that is open to the elements should be plugged with an expandable rubber plug or similar. This will help prevent damage and also prevent anything from living in your plumbing over the winter.

Store Equipment

All Hoses which connect the pump and filter to the pool should be removed at this time. Properly store the Pump, Filter, Skimmer Basket, and Hoses for use next season. All accessories including anything that is attached to your pool that can potentially be damaged by extreme weather should be removed. Items that should be stored inside include pool accessories, ladders, toys, etc. It’s also a good idea to give everything a good clean before storing it to prevent staining.


Splash Covers are made especially for their pools and come complete with bungee cords for fastening. Winter covers are a great way to ensure that your pool stays protected when not being used for long periods of time.

Need help closing your pool?

Give us a call! We’re happy to guide you through the steps for winterizing your pool, or we can send out our skilled service professionals to do it for you. Request service online or call our Service Department at (701) 532-0784.

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