Basic Chlorine Care

Today we will be introducing you to the Basic Chlorine Care system for maintaining and sanitizing your new or current Hotspring hot tub.


The Basic Chlorine Care system starts with our chlorine concentrate, this will be the main source of your sanitation and the initial step for starting a proper chlorine chemical routine.


Unlike salt systems, the basic chlorine care system is straightforward and provides a concise and simple start-up. The basic chlorine care system also comes with each of our hot tubs sold standard unless you choose to upgrade to one of our other chemical solutions.


The Basic Chlorine care system only truly consists of 5 chemical components if you include the filter cleaner. When we say basic, we mean basic. This is


Our second chemical is our oxidizer or shock. We recommend using this once a week, this will help clean and protect your water and it will also help to keep it crystal clear.


We will follow this up with a weekly application of the stain and scale control, this will help keep the tub itself clean, keeping water lines and unsightly residue to a minimum.


Finally, in our weekly routine, we have the Water clarifier, this will help keep your water sparkling clean and visually stunning. You may even say ahhhh… before getting in because the water is just that grand.


Finishing up the chemical routine we offer the spray-on filter cleaner. This filter cleaner will help remove excess residue including grease and grime. This will ensure excellent water quality if used monthly with your chemical routine. This step is highly recommended.


Make sure you don’t forget your test strips and water testing as well, these two additions can make or break your chemical effectiveness, cost, and efficiency.


Thank you for joining us today, now enjoy this video presentation from Madie!

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