Top 3 Game Room Additions

If you purchase a game table, we’re sure you want to get the most use and fun out of it as possible. We’re here to help with that! Today we’re sharing our top three game room additions that will help you maximize your space. Check them out: Shuffleboard Electronic Scoreboard Our electronic scoreboards are not … Read More

How much room do I need for my pool table?

Obviously, you can’t simply put a pool table wherever it fits. A significant amount of space is required around all sides of the pool table so that you can properly extend your cue! When looking at exactly how much space you’ll need, we found these handy dimensions from Brunswick Billiards. These dimensions are based on … Read More

How to Maintain & Care for Your Shuffleboard

Those who play shuffleboard know that the surface of the board is very important to the playing experience, as it alters how fast or slow the pucks move across the board. There are a few measures that must be taken on a regular basis in order to keep your pucks gliding smoothly across the board. … Read More

5 Fun Game Room Decor Ideas

After you purchase a gorgeous new pool table, shuffleboard, bubble hockey or air hockey table, ping pong table, or dart board, what comes next? Your game room has its main element, but it needs more. Have no fear! Your friends at HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 are here to help. We’ve compiled a list … Read More

Olhausen Vs. Brunswick Billiards

So you’ve decided: you’re getting a new pool table! At HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 we offer pool tables from two different companies, both with stellar products and quality: Olhausen Billiards and Brunswick Billiards. We’ve carried Olhausen pool tables for years but recently added Brunswick to our product offerings as of 2017. We enjoy … Read More

Who Is Olhausen?

When you buy an Olhausen Billiards table, you are buying quality and years of experience. Why? Because Olhausen Billiards is a family-owned business with a long, honest, and successful history. We surely are proud to carry this brand in our showrooms! Learn a little more on how this company became what it is today: Olhausen … Read More

Olhausen’s Lumber Selection

Having the right kind of wood for your pool table or shuffleboard is one of the most important parts of the buying process. You are going to want hardwood lumber that is able to withstand any kind of climate. Now, let’s talk about Olhausen and their lumber selection for their pool tables and shuffleboards. They … Read More

Olhausen Shuffleboard Basics

Olhausen Shuffleboard Construction Olhausen shuffleboards are very similar to their pool tables, in the way they are made, where they are made, and the products they use. Olhausen’s shuffleboard playing field is made out of solid American maple with a durable two part polymer playing surface. Olhausen shuffleboards also include a one of a kind … Read More

Olhausen Accufast Cushions

A pool table cushion is the rebounding pad which lines your pool table rail. Sometimes this needs to be replaced, Other times, experienced pool pros want to upgrade their cushion to one with greater rebound qualities. In the past, the K-66 cushion has been the standard in the industry. However, renowned billiards maker, Olhausen, has … Read More

Shuffleboard Tables 101

Size Shuffleboards come in a number of playing field (part of the table top you actually use) lengths: 9’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’, and 22′ feet long. Official tournament tables are 22’ in length. The table is 3’ tall and the playing field is between 16-20” varying with length of playing field. Materials A … Read More