Wicker VS Rattan Debunked!

What is the difference between wicker and rattan furniture? Many think of wicker as pretty woven furniture that eventually peels and feels like a dead pine tree. “Wicker” is often thought of as a material, but it’s actually a style of weaving. Professional weavers and manufacturers may use a number of natural or artificial materials … Read More

“Faux Wicker” Explained

“Faux Wicker” is a misnomer. “Wicker” is a certain pattern of weaving that dates way back. Most often people or manufacturers create wicker items by weaving strands of willow, rattan or other natural materials. While the wicker pattern creates a strong hold, over time the strands of natural material tend to fray and splinter. Also, … Read More

What Makes a Great Fire Pit?

Long gone are the caveman days of rubbing sticks together. Once smelly, dirty, make-shift campfires are now crafted  to a new level of sophistication with contemporary construction and modern means of fire creation. However, not all fire pits are created equal. Here’s what we tell our friends to look for in a fire pit. Size … Read More