ACE Salt Water System Pros vs Cons

We’ll come out and say it: The ACE Saltwater System is life-changing for hot tub owners. How can we be so bold? Instead of a sales pitch, let’s be real. When your hot tub is easy to maintain and its water provides the most it can, you’ll want to use it every day. Just to balance things out, let’s take a look at some logical pros and cons.



  1. The Ace system uses all-natural active oxygen via a diamond electrode to break down impurities in the water. This is a powerful and unique capability that no one else can provide. Then once the water is clean, the active oxygen pairs with salt to create a chlorine sanitizer, therefore acting double duty.
  2. This system makes the water feel amazingly good. Not only does it look good and smell good, but when you dip your toes into steamy, warm, ultra plush ACE water, you’ll feel the difference. As a bonus, because it’s salt based, it’s much less likely to irritate your skin compared to other systems.
  3. It requires minimal maintenance. There are only three easy steps you need to do every month. You simply clean your filters, test your water/add pH increasers or decreasers, and confirm the saltwater output. Confirming the output only requires pressing a few buttons on your hot tub controller, so this is a super easy step.
  4. You hardly ever need to add chlorine. Chlorine is a constant concern when it comes to traditional hot tubs, as they should add chlorine nearly every time they use the tub. That means that when they go to the tub, the chlorine bottle comes with. With an ACE Saltwater System, it completely manages chlorine output for you. Some people like to add a boost of chlorine here and there, but it’s really not necessary. The ACE Saltwater System saves major time and headaches when it comes to chlorine output!


  1. Eventually, you’ll have to replace the salt cell of the Ace Salt Water System. This costs about $750 (as of 2017). How often you need to do this really depends on the usage and work you put your salt cell through, much like the tires on your car.
  2. You must have soft water or use one of our water pillows in order for the saltwater system to work. While the Ace Salt Water System ends up being a near financial wash compared to other chemical systems, this factor is more crucial. If there’s too much calcium in the water, the calcium will stick to the salt cell. When this happens the system will have a hard time differentiating between the calcium in the water and pollutants. This results in the salt cell dying faster from working harder due to the confusion. However, your hot tub will feel even better with soft water anyway!

At the end of the day, the pros heavily outweigh the cons. We believe (and it’s been our customers’ overall experience) that the ACE Salt Water System will give you the best hot tub experience!