Why a Hot Spring Highlife NXT?

Many people wonder what distinguishes a Hot Spring Spas Highlife NXT hot tub from other spas. The Highlife NXT Collection is the highest tier of hot tubs made by Hot Spring Spas and it shows through their variety of luxurious features. This collection is truly the BMW of hot tubs because, believe it or not, BMW helped design the entire collection!

Appearance and Design

Let’s talk about the features a Highlife NXT brings to the table. The Highlife NXT line has exterior lighting on each corner of the hot tub that can be adjusted for color and brightness. It also has a unique floating effect which creates a modern design unlike any other hot tub. This effect is made possible through the tub’s lightweight polymeric substructure, while also makes it more energy efficient by minimizing the base pan’s contact with the ground.


In addition to the exterior structure and design, all NXT Highlife hot tubs will also feature a one of a kind, patented Moto massage DX. The Moto massage DX is a double set of vertical jets that are constantly sweeping up and down your entire back. These massaging jets have adjustable speed and power to create a one-of-a-kind experience to meet your needs. The hydromassage possibilities in the Highlife NXT Collection are truly the most powerful and customizable yet. 

Wireless Controls

The last distinguishing feature of a Highlife NXT hot tub is the wireless remote control. While other hot tub controllers are attached to the tub, this waterproof controller can be moved around and connect to the hot tub up to 30 feet away. This means that you can control the hot tub from whatever seat you want to sit in. The controller also features an LCD touchscreen with many options to personalize your hot tubbing experience. For many people, the wireless controller is a real selling point!

Overall, the Hot Spring Spas Highlife NXT Collection really does set itself apart from the rest. If you are looking for an energy efficient, luxurious, and customizable hot tub, stop into one of our showrooms and check out this collection!