How To Winterize Your Hot Tub

Your hot tub is designed to serve you well throughout the coldest months. However, if you won’t be around in the winter to use it, you can take steps to keep it safe from the ravages of rough weather until your return, either by winterizing it yourself or have us take care of it for … Read More

Winterizing Your Splash Pool

  With cold weather approaching it is time to start thinking about getting your Splash Pool ready for winter storage. The great news is that this is a fairly simple task. Following these simple steps will help to make sure you are ready to go ASAP in the spring. Clean & Balance Clean your pool … Read More

Five Tips for Staying Hydrated

Most people know hydration is important to health. The amount of water you should drink depends on a variety of elements, but we all know water is essential to our well-being. The human body is 50% to 75% water. It’s true what they say: Water is life! Dehydration happens when the body loses more fluids … Read More

Top 7 SplashPool Questions Answered

It’s no secret: We love Splash SuperPools! Today we’re here to answer the top questions we get about this amazing product: What do I put my SplashPool on? Basically, you can put your SplashPool on any flat, level surface that is free of debris. Some people set their pools up on concrete or grass. Many … Read More

Introducing FreshWater Salt System!

We are so excited to introduce Hot Spring Spas’ new FreshWater Salt System! This new system is available for 2019 Limelight and Highlife collection spas, which we now have in our showrooms. The new system makes water care more effortless than ever before, and we know you’ll love it! According to Hot Spring Spas, “This … Read More

Why We Love Tropitone Outdoor Furniture

Tropitone Outdoor Furniture! We’ve heard it before: Why is your patio furniture priced higher than big box stores? What makes it special? To answer shortly, a lot of things make Tropitone outdoor furniture special. In this blog post, we want to outline a few reasons why it’s definitely worth the splurge: It’s made to last. One … Read More

Should I Get a Hot Tub With a Lounger?

One of the biggest decisions to make when purchasing a hot tub is whether to get a lounger or not! At HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2, we carry a wide variety of tubs both with and without loungers, so there’s something for everyone. The bottom line is that it really is personal preference. Some … Read More

Game Room Additions; Our top picks.

If you purchase a game table, we’re sure you want to get the most use and fun out of it as possible. We’re here to help with that! Today we’re sharing our top 3 game room additions that will help you maximize your space. Check them out: Shuffleboard Electronic Scoreboard Our electronic scoreboards are not … Read More

How much room do I need for my pool table? A guide to pool table dimensions.

Proper Pool Table Dimensions Obviously, you can’t simply put a pool table wherever it fits. A significant amount of space is required around all sides of the pool table so that you can properly extend your cue! When looking at exactly how much space you’ll need, we found these handy pool table dimensions from Brunswick … Read More

History of the Sauna

Are saunas just another health fad that will come and go like Wii Fitness or pilates? Absolutely not! Saunas have stood the test of time, as they were first invented as long ago as 2,000 BC! Since then, they’ve proved time and time again to be highly beneficial in a variety of health and wellness … Read More