Can Hot Tubs Handle Freezing Temps?

Being in the frozen tundra of North Dakota, customers often ask if their hot tub can handle freezing temps. The answer is YES!  We’re happy to say all hot tubs from HotSpring Spas and Pool Tables 2 are more than prepared to handle the cold. In fact, our tubs are rated for down to -40 degrees F, both with or without water in them!hot tub in freezing temps

Some people choose to drain their hot tubs in the winter, while others prefer to keep it running for winter soaks! If you decide to drain your tub, you’ll have to follow careful instructions to prepare your tub for winter. If you want to keep it filled, there are winter maintenance steps to be followed throughout the cold season as well. You’ll still need to keep up with its normal maintenance such as cleaning the filter and checking the chemicals, but there are a few special winter tasks as well.

No matter what you decide, our hot tubs are ready to handle freezing temps in North Dakota winters! If you have any questions about winterizing your tub, give us a call at (844) 200-7727.

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