Winter Hot Tub Care Tips

With the large majority of our customers residing in North Dakota or Minnesota, we are no strangers to cold weather. Not chilly weather, but COLD. Luckily, Hot Spring Spas tubs are capable of withstanding the frigid temperatures with relative ease. As long as you take proper precautions and care of your tub, you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing soaks all winter long! Here are some of our best winter spa care tips:

Drain & refill your spa before winter sets in.
Once the freezing temperatures hit, you won’t be able to completely drain and refill your tub anymore. We highly recommend draining and refilling your spa in the fall and then right away again in the spring. This will make maintenance a little more manageable in the winter! If you do need to drain and refill your tub in the winter, wait for a day above 20 degrees.

Cover your spa when you’re not using it.
This one is a given, but we want to remind you to shut your spa when you’re not using it! This will save energy but not allowingWinter Hot Tub heat to escape your tub.

Make sure your cover is sealed when you shut it.
In addition to the last tip, make sure your cover is sealed completely when you shut it. To do so, walk around the spa and make sure the cover is pulled all the way over the edges on all four sides. Also, press down firmly when closing the cover to assure that it is pressed tightly against the tub. This will help to keep heat in the tub and prevent any build-up of ice.

Still leave your cover open after you add chlorine to your spa.
While we suggest closing your cover in the winter, there is one exception. Do not close your cover right after you add chemicals to your spa. After adding chemicals, run the jets and leave the cover open. If you close your cover during this time, it can damage it.

Make sure to clean your circulation pump filter.
Your circulation pump filter should be chemically cleaned every 30 days! If you don’t clean it, there’s a possibility that the tub will stop circulating and the heater will shut off. This is not something you want to happen in the cold winter months!

Pay close attention to the status of your spa cover.
If your cover feels heavier than usual, it has likely become saturated. If your cover is saturated with water, it loses its energy efficiency. In this case, it’s best to invest in a new cover. This will properly keep the heat and energy in your spa, which is crucial during the winter months.

Consider investing in a handrail.
This tip is simply for your safety! It’s possible for your hot tub steps to get very icy in the winter months, so we suggest a handrail for added security when getting in and out of your spa. We sell them at all of our showroom locations!

Remove snow from your spa cover.
Keeping your spa cover clear of snow is important. Excessive weight on your cover for a prolonged period of time can cause damage to it. When you remove snow from the cover, refrain from using anything sharp. We suggest lightly brushing it off with a broom. Anything sharper will likely cause damage to the cover’s finish.

Keep up with regular maintenance and be attentive.
Even though maintenance can be a pain in the cold winter months, it is essential to keep up with it. In order to keep your hot tub running smoothly in the winter, you’ll need to continue to test your water, clean your filters, add chemicals, and everything else that you do when it’s warm out. If you are attentive to the status of your spa, you should be able to get through the winter in a breeze. We know this isn’t always the most fun, but it’ll be worth it!

Last but not least, the best tip for keeping your hot tub running smoothly in the winter is to use it often. A stagnant hot tub is much more likely to run into problems than one that is loved, used, and checked on frequently! Enjoy your spa this winter!

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