What’s the Biggest Hot Tub Maintenance Hassle?

The answer may surprise you: The Cover.hot-tub-maintenance-hassle

Every time you use your hot tub, you have to take your hot tub cover on and off every single time. This can be a real-life wrestling match. However, the right hot tub cover is like a garage door opener -easy, user-friendly, and practically effortless. And, it’s pretty hard to imagine a modern garage door without a functional garage door opener!

To remedy the situation HotSpring Spas developed and manufactures the only proprietary hot tub covers and lifts available. What’s so special? Normal hot tub covers have a padded, horizontal bar across the middle of the hot tub cover. This forces the lid to flip on itself over the center bar, which ends up tearing apart the stitch seams. (See right.) They also have clips on the front and back sides that you must walk around to unhinge just so you can open the lid. That doesn’t sound very convenient, especially in our cold North Dakota winters.

Here at HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2, we have four unique cover lift systems that eliminate the cover bar and make uncovering your hot tub a breeze: the Cover Cradle, Cover Cradle II, Lift & Glide, and Upright. They easily glide to help you transition your cover from on to off. Each lift system holds your lid via screws on one end of the tub. This way there’s no seam tearing, no clunking hardware, and very little effort to get your lid off and hot tubbing on!

Additionally, with our self-sealing hot tub covers, you need only to unhitch two buckles on one side of the spa. So long gone are the days of running around like a game of duck-duck goose just to get in your hot tub!

Check out these two covers!

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