How to Clean a Salt Water Hot Tub

When it comes to cleaning your ACE  saltwater hot tub, two of the most important things to clean are your ACE salt cell and your filters.

For those with a saltwater hot tub, keeping your ACE salt cell clean plays a major role in the performance of your hot tub. We recommend cleaning your ACE salt cell every 60-90 days. Cleaning the cell breaks down calcium buildup that may occur over time. When cleaning your ACE salt cell, make sure you turn off the power to your tub before taking the salt cell out of the water. You can buy an ACE salt water cleaning solution or make your own in the ACE cell cleaning bottle. Making your own solution will include warm water and 3 tablespoons of pH decrease. Let the cell soak for about 10 minutes, then place the cell back into the hot tub, and turn the hot tub back on.clean saltwater hot tub

As I’m sure most of you already know, keeping your filters clean for better filtration is key for the performance of the ACE salt cell. With that, we suggest you clean your filters every 30 days with a filter cleaner/degreaser. We offer a spray filter cleaner or a granular filter cleaner that you will dissolve and soak your filters in. By using a filter cleaning/degreaser, you are breaking down oils, bacteria, skin cells, and everything else on your filter, allowing them to perform as well as they did right out of the package. When your filters are done being sprayed or soaked, make sure you rinse your filters out very well, this will ensure no filter cleaner will be left on the filters when they are placed back in the hot tub.

As for cleaning the actual hot tub itself, using off the wall is a great hot tub surface cleaner that can help clean water lines, scum lines, and any other build-up on the hot tub shell that may need cleaning. When all else fails, cleaning your hot tub with a wet towel or even a magic eraser will do the trick. When using a self-made cleaning solution, avoid using any type of soaps, as some of the solutions can get left behind which could end up giving you a bubble bath when refilling your hot tub.

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