Chlorine and SoftSwim 3 Step Chemical Maintenance

Here is an amazing guide for chemical maintenance with 2 of our systems.


Water chemistry for your pool is as easy as ABC – 1, 2, 3.

SoftSwim is a non-chlorinated three-step pool chemical system.

ABC Chemical Maintenance

softswim chemical maintenance

SoftSwim A – Algaecide
Applying SoftSwim A weekly or every two weeks will prevent algae growth.

SoftSwim B – Sanitizer
Also known as biguanide, SoftSwim B can be used every two weeks or as needed to kill and control bacteria in the pool.

SoftSwim C – Clarifier
SoftSwim C can be added on a monthly basis or as needed. This product removes contaminants and helps keep your water clear.


1, 2, 3 Chemical Maintenance

Your basic chlorine system has three easy steps that should be on a weekly basis. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for exact amounts as it varies depending on the size of the pool and frequency of use.

1. SilkGuard Tabs/Sticks – ChlorineBioGuard three step system chemical maintenance
Chlorine will need to be added through your skimmer basket, floater, or by adding granules. By adding chlorine to your pool, it will sanitize and disinfect your water.

2. Smart Shock
Shocking your pool with granular shock on a weekly basis will kill and oxidize all of the unwanted contaminants and organic matter, which is key to keeping a clean pool.

3. Backup 2- Algaecide
Adding an algaecide on a weekly basis will prevent the growth of unwanted algae.

Basic Chlorine Care

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