Hot Tub Safety 101

So you just took the plunge and bought a brand new hot tub. Amazing! Then, however, you start to wonder about if your children are safe to use it, at what age, and for how long. No worries! The hot tub experts here at Hot Spring Spas & Pool Tables 2 are here to break down all of the hot tub safety precautions you need to know!

Young children need to be supervised in a hot tub at all times.
Drowning is the number one cause of injury and fatalities in hot tubs. If you’re child cannot touch the bottom while standing in the center of the hot tub, they need to be supervised extremely closely while using it.

Make sure your drain cover is on correctly.
It is highly unlikely, but there is a possibility of long hair getting tangled in the hot tub’s drain, thus causing someone’s head to be held under water. This can easily be avoided by having an appropriate drain cover and not holding your head underwater in a hot tub.

Stay hydrated.
Hot tubs will make you sweat, so make sure to drink plenty of fluids before, after, or during your soak. Remember not to drink out of glass while you’re in your tub! Broken glass shards would be dangerous and very difficult to see and remove from the water. We suggest drinking out of plastic cups or aluminum cans.

Place hot tub steps outside of your tub.
Our hot tub steps have no-slip surfaces that help you get in and out of your hot tub safely, without trips or falls. We sell steps that are perfectly designed for your hot tub’s height and shape. Not to mention, they look great and can be made to match the outside of your tub!

Do NOT use your outdoor hot tub during a thunderstorm.
While a little rain is okay, get out of your hot tub immediately if thunder or lightning comes around! Water is a conductor, and you risk electrocution if the lightning hits the water in your tub.

Don’t use plug-in or electric devices near your hot tub.
Only use battery-powered electronics near your hot tub. Plug-in electronics create a high risk for being electrocuted when they’re around water.

Never bring babies into a hot tub.
Babies are very sensitive to hot temperatures due to their thin skin. The Red Cross recommends that children under the age of 5 simply skip the hot tub all together.

Make sure your cover is secure and latched when the hot tub is not in use.
Making sure your hot tub cover is on during times when you’re not around ensures that children will climb into it and drown. Leaving a hot tub open and unattended when children could be present is extremely dangerous. Furthermore, outdoor hot tubs should be in a fenced-in area just like pools.