Why the Manufacturer’s Warranty is Important

A “manufacturer” is the maker of a product. A manufacturer sells its product to a dealer. The dealer then puts the product on display in their showroom and sells it to a customer. The Manufacturer’s Warranty is a promise the manufacturer makes to say that if certain things or anything goes wrong with the product within a certain time frame, then the manufacturer will fix or replace the product. The better the manufacturer warranty, the more confidence the dealer has in selling the product and the more security the customer has in owning the product.

The manufacturer’s warranty is important because the manufacturer typically has much deeper pockets than those of a single dealer. In other words, if your local dealer goes out of business, the manufacturer will still be there to afford the costs of repairing the product. Another plus is the manufacturer is responsible for the product and the warranty, if there are any potential problems that could be prevented, by immediate action, the manufacturer is required to let the local dealer know. Additionally, unless you buy from a popular national dealer like Hot Spring Spas and Pool Tables 2, when you move cities, you may not have a local dealer to honor the manufacturer’s warranty.

Be Cautious! Read the fine print of your manufacturer’s warranty. The Federal Government (FTC) requires the warranty to be very clear on what is covered and what is not. Some dealers sell add-on products that void the manufacturer’s warranty just to make a few extra bucks. Interestingly, most manufacturers rely on a working relationship with various vendors to get parts to make their products. If a problem arises with the vendor, the manufacturer has the ability to work with the vendor and the vendor is responsible to the manufacturer and the warranty. Should the local dealer intentionally void the warranties, they will not have this relationship with the vendor.

As for Watkins Wellness-HotSpring Spas’ manufacturer warranty…We are backed by Masco Corporation. A billion-dollar Fortune 500 company that is traded on Wall Street. Because it is publicly traded and governed by the SEC, a separate funded account is set up for each hot tub that leaves the factory. This is in case the local dealer or even the manufacturer would ‘fall into the ocean’ and disappear, your product would still be ‘funded’ under the manufacturer’s warranty. On top of that, we’ve been this way for our whole 40 years as a brand. Stability and trust. As a local dealer, “You are only as good as your manufacturer’s warranty. Period”

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