What Should I Put My Hot Tub On?

Hot Tub on Slab Concrete

When it comes to planning where you’re going to put your hot tub and the kind of structure or base it will be placed on, you have quite a few different choices. Being that there are so many options, the most important thing to keep in mind is, making sure you have a structurally sound and level surface for your hot tub.

Deciding on a base for a hot tub can be as simple as going to the hardware store, picking up a pack of hot tub base pads and snapping them together or laying down brick pavers. On the flip side, some other options may include building a deck or pouring a cement slab. All of the above are great options, it really comes down to your personal preference and what you have envisioned for your space.

As said before, making sure your base structure is level is essential for the best ownership experience. If for some reason your base structure is not level, it could lead to pipes and valves getting damaged within the hot tub. To avoid this, level your natural structure that the base will be placed on before laying your base or adjust your base structure accordingly. As for other structures that are being built off of the ground, make sure they are level and able to hold the weight of the hot tub itself plus the added water.

To know if your existing deck or soon to be built deck can hold a hot tub, click here.

If you have any structural questions or thoughts, stop in to one of our stores or give us a call! Just like there is a HotSpring Spa for everyone, there is the perfect hot tub base for everyone too!