3 Keys to an Energy Efficient Hot Tub

All electronic devices have an energy rating which lets you know how much power they require to operate. Some are so efficient they get a Blue Star energy rating from the United States government. You may have seen these Blue Stars on household items like microwaves and washing machines. With hot tubs it’s tough to be categorized as energy efficient. This is because most are kept at 102 degrees year round (yes, even in winter). However, an energy efficient hot tub is still possible. The three main keys to accomplishing this are cabinet insulation, circulation pump effectiveness, and quality of the cover.

Cabinet insulation plays a huge factor in how well your hot tub maintains its water temperature. Most hot tubs come with one standard layer of cabinet insulation, which could cost hundreds of dollars in higher energy bills each year. Meanwhile, energy-efficient hot tubs like ours use the highest quality fully insulated, closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation available. This minimizes energy bills to about $120-$282 per year. That’s incredible since the average hot tub can cost that much to run per month!

Of course, the circulation pump also plays a big factor. Some hot tubs have a basic system that turns on and off multiple times a day to circulate the water. Our energy efficient hot tubs have a proprietary circulation pump that’s 1/16 of an amp and continuously moves water at one gallon every 12 seconds. This way water never has a chance to become stagnant. The cost of running our circulation pump is five times more efficient than a 75-watt light bulb.

Lastly, let’s not overlook the hot tub cover.To compare, it’s like a lid for a pot of rice. If it’s not made for the exact pot you’re using, it’s not actually sealing in the steam and water. Not to toot our own horn. But, HotSpring Spas is the only hot tub company that has custom lids for every hot tub we sell. Each is made with dense, 2-lb insulation (V 1 or 1.5 lb comparables).

Altogether the cabinet insulation, circulation pump, and lids are all major factors in your hot tub’s energy efficiency. If you’d like to learn more about our hot tubs, feel free to browse our Hot Tubs page here!

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