Four Fun Hot Tub Features

Hot tubs today aren’t your parent’s hot tubs! As the world of technology has advanced, so have Hot Spring Spas. Today, we’ll be sharing four fun technology features that you can add to or purchase with your hot tub. Warning: you’re going to want them all!

HD Wireless Monitor

22″ HD Wireless Monitor

Do you want to watch the football game or sit back and relax in the hot tub? With the all-weather 22″ HD wireless monitor, you don’t have to decide! You can watch live TV, stream video, and more on a 1080p screen attached to your hot tub. This feature is great for entertaining others or just relaxing on your own!

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows you to easily connect your phone to stream music through your spa’s four speakers placed for optimal sound quality. Now you can play music from Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, or other music streaming services right through your hot tub speakers. We also suggest listening to a podcast or audiobook every once in a while! Bluetooth speakers are the perfect hot tub addition for anyone who wants to spend a lot of time in their spa!



Connextion® truly offers peace of mind for those who own a second home or are constantly on the go. This spa monitoring system allows you to check on your spa when you’re not around. You can check on the status of your spa from temperature to filter status to jet status and much more with an easy-to-use phone or tablet app! The VirtualValet messaging feature also notifies you if your spa needs any attention. This is the perfect addition for anyone who wants a spa at the lake but is worried about leaving it alone for periods of time!

Moto-Massage DX®

Hot Spring Spas are the only hot tubs that offer Moto-Massage DX®! This moving jet pumps two strong streams of water up and down your back, thus massaging a large area. It truly is a hydromassage like no other! To see how these jets work with your own eyes, watch this short video. This feature is only available in certain models, so ask our Sales Pros for details!