The Endless Pools Difference

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what an Endless Pool Fitness System can do, you may want to ask yourself a new question. It would be easier to explain what it CAN’T do! Did you know that they actually started the “swim in place” exercise craze nearly 30 years ago? Endless Pools have been innovating since day one and are cutting edge in the worlds of fitness, relaxation, and lifestyle. In this blog post, we’ll explain more about why an Endless Pool is not just another swimming pool:


They save space.
In an Endless Pool, you can swim as many miles as your heart desires without actually going anywhere. (Hence the term, “Endless Pool”.) With a traditional pool, you’ll need to swim around in circles and it will take up way more space in your home or yard. An Endless Pool is sleek in design and doesn’t take up much more space than a hot tub.

They are two products in one.
Endless Pools are both a pool and a hot tub in one. It has a treadmill and water current on one side, and relaxing hydromassage chairs on the other! You can cool down the pool for a workout, and then increase the temperature for a hot tub soak later. You really can’t beat the versatility of this product.

They can be used year-round.
Many people put Endless Pools in their home or an inclosed structure in their yard. Because of this, they are a great tool for working out and swimming year-round. Their relatively compact size and various uses make them the perfect product to put inside your home!

They are stylish.
Endless Pools can be customized to match your home’s interior, exterior, or decking. They can use nearly any finish material such as tile, wood, or marble to match the design of your home. At the end of the day, an Endless Pool can make your home more beautiful than before!

They require minimal chlorine.
Endless Pools have adapted innovative water quality and sanitation systems, meaning that they require less chlorine than an average pool. This means that the water both feels better and smells better. They’re great products for putting inside your home or other enclosed buildings because they don’t have a strong chlorine odor.

They offer a unique and wide range of current speeds.
What really makes Endless Pools unique are their swim current. Endless Pools offer current speeds from leisurely strokes to speeds that would challenge an Olympic swimmer. Whatever your ability, there’s a variety of speeds both to swim comfortably or challenge yourself! In addition, the current is unique to Endless Pools. The fast-lane propulsion system is more like a smooth river stream than a violent jet. Because of this, you get a smooth, peaceful, and quiet workout. 

They are the ultimate wellness product.
We all know that running can be really hard on your body, particularly on your knees. The beautiful thing about exercising in water is that it takes away so much of that impact that can be hard on your joints, while still offering a challenging work out. In an Endless Pool, you can either swim against the current or use the underwater treadmill where anyone can be a runner without joint pain. They are a game-changing product for exercise and overall wellness, as they can fit right inside your home and offer so many ways to improve your body and mind.


There you have it! Those are just some of the reasons why Endless Pools are second to none. You shouldn’t buy a swim machine without trying one first, so stop into our showroom and let our Sales Pros tell you all you need to know about this incredible product!