Splash Pool Assembly


We had a lot of fun at Ribfest this year, we brought our 13′ x 25′ Super Pool by Splash out and about with us and had lots of fun setting it up with our crew. Filling this pool is the longest stage of setup. Everything else is super easy! If you have a Splash Pool and are struggling with setup, let this be your guide. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Splash Pool, check out how easy the setup is!

The Splash Pool is an amazing above ground pool. We have some of these pools at homes that have been left up for 20 years and through OUR winters. All you gotta do is drain the water about a quarter of the way and throw your winter cover on. We have had customers build decks around these amazing pools and they have become a permanent part of their yard and landscaping.

The material is industry grade poly that is resistant to dirt, degradation and UV light. This is the same pool you would see at a circus and in fact Scheel’s sporting goods uses our Splash Pools for their dock dog competitions. They take abuse and hold up to the elements, pets and circus animals. What more could you want in North Dakota?

These pools come in many shapes and sizes. With the rectangular design in comparison to the standard round above ground pool; lap swimming is an option; this is the pool for the at home athlete. If you are training for a triathlon this is the pool that you want in your yard (and possibly next to it, a hot tub to soothe your body after the big race).

Make your dream of having a pool at home a reality. We’ll show you how to Make Every Day Better.



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